Immigration visa advice when you are preparing application for an Australian or New Zealand visa yourself!

Critical assessment There is a variety of information available for you when you are applying for a visa by yourself. However, it is essential that you assess all the information available critically and question whether it actually applies to your particular circumstances. I will be able to provide you with essential assistance and guide you…

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Natasa’s Personal Approach to Working with You

My Own Experience of Being a Migrant When I immigrated to Australia, I was 29 and felt like my life started all over again. I believe that a positive attitude was my key to success. I approached initial hurdles with an open mind and stayed positive and optimistic even though beginnings were hard. I believe…

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Five steps to relocating to Australia or New Zealand!

The decision to emigrate will turn your life around and will be one of the biggest decisions you have ever made. You need to be prepared physiologically and financially for the big step. You will need savings and some assets to commence life in Australia. I have described below five important steps to undertake to…

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