Advice for Agents

I offer consultations for registered and licenced agents and advisers in Australia or New Zealand and overseas practitioners. Not only do I work closely with, and refer clients to, reputable agents, but I also offer advice and/or assistance regarding assessment of eligibility, applications, submission, education enrollments and current immigration policy and issues.

What is my proposed outcome for you?

I will work with you to provide your visa applicant and client with comprehensive and correct advice. I will act in support to your service to ensure that all matters are addressed completely and competently. Where you lack in resources or expertise, my services can assist you to uphold your reputation and contribute to the growth of your business and services you provide.

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What will you gain?

  • Reassurance that your provided advice is complete and correct by receiving a second opinion
  • Comprehensive policy advice regarding complex Immigration issues or refusals
  • Reduction in your own file case workload through promptly addressing specific research issues and matters with my assistance
  • Assistance with the enrolment of your international students at CRICOS registered and reputable education providers in Australia or New Zealand
  • An assessment of your clients’ education and qualifications relative to a particular skills assessment compared against the Country Education Profile (CEP) and requirements of the Skills Assessing Authority
  • Ability to provide more alternatives for your client through assessment of eligibility in an alternative country – Australia or New Zealand.