Application Submission $1,650

We offer a unique application submission service to ensure your application has the best chance of success. This will be an on the spot application with our immigration professional. Prior to meeting with our immigration professional, you will use our chatbots, which will automate main documents, allow you to attach and send all relevant documents to our immigration professional, and decide when you wish to apply. You will then meet with our immigration professional and together submit your application.

What is my proposed outcome for you?

We wish for you to submit the highest quality application possible to ensure the best chance of success. The slow responsiveness of the immigration professionals has been one of the major complaints among the applicants. We do not want that for our clients! We will make your experience simple, efficient, and interactive. Your application no matter whether it is a skills assessment, State/Territory Nomination, Employer Sponsorship, Employer Nomination, SkillSelect (EOI) and/or Visa application, will be submitted promptly, correctly, and completely.

What will you gain?

  • A complete assessment of your education and work experience relative to an Australian visa and the ANZSCO code occupations.
  • A good understanding of eligibility, costs involved and steps to be completed to apply for an Australian visa.
  • Provide to your immigration professional your correct and complete information about your circumstances.
  • Automate some of the main documents to attach to the application.
  • Guidance regarding appropriate documentation to prepare and attach to your applications.
  • Verification of all documentation prepared for submission and further information of suitability.
  • An understanding of how to present the required applications to the relevant authorities.
  • Personal/online time with our immigration professional to apply with you on the spot.
  • Regular updates about the processing of your application and the outcome.

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